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Varec was founded in the greater Los Angeles area, California in 1928. Throughout our history, we have continuously refined our position as a market and industry leader by introducing new products and systems. Detailed below is a brief timeline of our development.

1940 - In those early days as a pioneer in the oil and gas industry, we designed and manufactured many of the first bulk-storage tank fittings and accessories. We developed a mechanical float and tape level measurement gauge specifically for tank gauging in the oil and gas industry. It was through this development that Varec worked closely with the American Petroleum Institute (API) to write the first API Standard for level measurement of hydrocarbons in above ground storage tanks.

1950 - The Varec brand name had become synonymous with tank gauging. Varec was then supplying a complete tank gauging and vapor control package, including gauges, pipe fittings, breather valves and flame arresters. A number of companies had begun manufacturing copies of the popular Varec products, but the Varec brand was so strong and the copies looked so similar, customers referred to them as “Varec” gauges. This is still true today.

We had experienced tremendous growth and were supporting installed units worldwide, across various markets, such as petrochemical, food & beverage and pharmaceuticals. Our 2500 Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG), which was being controlled by a negator motor, had been installed on over 5,000 storage tanks and was also being manufactured under license in Paris and Lancashire (the industrial heart of England). Inventories of our ATG products were maintained in New York, Cleveland, Chicago and Houston. Varec had 22 sales representatives throughout the United States, eight in Canada and 17 in various other countries.

In the 1950s, the United States saw tremendous growth in its telecommunications industry and Varec engineers moved in line with this trend by developing the first “Pulse Code System”.

This early digital solution used telephone lines and included an electronic tank gauge transmitter, selector and receiver. It also supported temperature measurement, positive displacement meter readings, pump and valve control and status indication. Varec engineers worked with local telephone companies to install the correct wiring to enable the transmission of level, temperature, pressure and alarm signals to the central control room.

1960 through 1980s - Throughout the 1960s, Varec continuously refined its position as a market and industry leader by introducing many new products and accessories. During the next 20 years, Varec’s success attracted other global companies looking to increase their own strength in the instrumentation business. In 1974, Emerson Electric acquired Varec and, in 1986, consolidated its instrument companies under the company name Rosemount.

Operating then as “Varec, a Division of Rosemount”, with production facilities in California and a worldwide sales channel, Varec maintained global recognition and respect for its tank gauging products and services.

1990 - Throughout the 1990s, the British Whessoe Group had made a number of strategic acquisitions to build and maintain a leadership position in the marine tanker and tank farm inventory management systems markets. It was due to Varec’s notability and a comparable product range that the Whessoe Group of Companies purchased Coggins Systems in 1990 and Varec in 1992. The Atlanta-based company, Coggins Systems, founded in 1978, was a software developer, hardware manufacturer, systems integrator and turnkey solutions provider. Coggins Systems specialized in developing and manufacturing software, industrial computer systems and intelligent interface products for a number of different markets. The instrumentation and control systems designed for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) Program laid the groundwork for the company’s future in the oil and gas industry. In turn, Varec was developing products, such as TankView and the Tank Scanning Unit, that complemented Coggins’ strong software and systems capability.

In 1993, Coggins and Varec were again at the forefront of technological developments when FuelsManager® software was released in conjunction with Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system. In the following year, the 8130 RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) was released - a truly open system interface for automatic tank gauging, the first of its kind in the world. With the combination of software, interface devices and tank gauges, these two like-minded companies became the market leaders in ‘open’ systems and solutions with the largest worldwide installed base for tank gauging and inventory management software.

1997 - Endress+Hauser - the largest privately owned process instrumentation company - purchased the Whessoe group of companies, including Whessoe, Varec and Coggins Systems. Endress+Hauser saw this acquisition as a stepping stone into the oil and gas industry, a very different market to the process industries in which it had experience. Each company continued to operate independently, but now had access to new technologies that were integrated into the tank gauging product lines, most notably radar and servo tank gauges.

2000 - Varec was merged with Coggins Systems and the Varec operations in California were relocated to Atlanta, where we still develop and manufacture software, interfaces, tank gauges, transmitters and a full line of accessories. Over the next two years, The companies operated as Endress+Hauser, Systems and Gauging Division. A new line of high accuracy radar tank gauges (RTGs) was developed and added to the strong line of tank gauging instrumentation. We then tested and certified FuelsManager and the 8130 RTU to international approval standards, specifically for high accuracy (custody transfer) applications in the oil and gas industry. This certification included integration with Varec radar and servo tank gauges, as well as other manufacturers’ certified instruments.

Also at this time the UK-based Synergix, an aviation market leader was acquired. Synergix’s software and systems assisted fuel agents and service providers at airports in managing fuel related activities, such as dispatch and into-plane operations. Coggins Systems’ defense aviation expertise combined with Synergix’s commercial aviation offering firmly established Varec in the aviation industry supplying fuels management services.

In 2004 the Systems and Gauging Division was re-aligned with its heritage - operating as Varec, Inc. to continue the 75-year tradition of working toward true open systems, supplying integrated hardware and software solutions to the customers we serve.

In 2006, our strength, industry position and core solutions attracted a new parent company, Leidos (formally SAIC) that is closely aligned with our customers needs and future vision.

Today, the Varec FuelsManager® suite of industry solutions is a longtime standard in the oil and gas and defense markets, as well as other inventory management related industries. While FuelsManager Aviation is defining itself as the system of choice for the aviation industry.