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Aviation Fuels - reduce your carbon footprint, flight delays and fuel discrepancies while improving financial accountability and supply chain management

Aviation Fuels Management from Fuel Farm to Takeoff

Varec provides airlines and service providers an integrated hardware and software solution that improves logistics, data collection and accountability of aviation fuel management operations by seamlessly integrating with airline computer systems. At the ramp, electronic ticketing and dispatch assist in the reduction of flight delays due to aircraft refueling while reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Data obtained from the tank farm assists in identifying and reducing fuel accounting discrepancies. Seamlessly sharing data with airlines systems allows the airline to more accurately identify fuel usage trends to improve reporting and decision making when making fuel purchases.

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Automate Foreign Object Debris Detection for Critical Aircraft Operating Areas

FODetect® is an automated system that provides continuous monitoring with high-resolution and high-speed detection of Foreign Object Debris (FOD) on critical Aircraft Operating Areas (AOA). Learn more here...